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A not-for-profit company dedicated to creating low-cost vaccine technologies for the developing world.

Global Vaccines Inc.

The challenge

Dengue fever, polio, malaria, rotavirus, HIV – these diseases hit the poorest people on earth the hardest, with millions of new infections each year. On top of the sheer human suffering involved, the economic impact of this disease burden on affected countries is severe.

But poor countries simply can’t afford the high cost of creating new vaccines to prevent these diseases, and companies from developed countries won’t invest in vaccines that have little market value.

The solution

As a not-for-profit company, we develop and acquire new vaccine technologies that can be used to fight diseases of both the developed and developing worlds.

We sublicense these new technologies to commercial companies for use in more profitable markets, giving us the financial ability to continue developing these technologies to help the globe’s poorest.

It's a win-win formula – commercial companies acquire more mature technologies for a less risky investment, and the developing world gets the vaccines it needs.

In several preclinical trials, Global Vaccines' novel technologies have already shown remarkable promise across a range of disease targets.

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