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Primary technology publications by GVI

Novel Adjuvant Development
  1. Tonkin, Daniel R., Alan Whitmore, Robert E. Johnston, and Mario Barro.  2012.  Infected dendritic cells are sufficient to mediate the adjuvant activity generated by Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus replicon particles.  Vaccine 30:4532-4542. PMCID: PMC3519277.

  2. Tonkin, Daniel R., Patricia Jorquera, Tracie Todd, Clayton W. Beard, Robert E. Johnston and Mario Barro.  2010.  Alphavirus replicon-based enhancement of mucosal and systemic immunity is linked to the innate response generated by primary immunization.  Vaccine 28:3238-3246. PMCID: PMC2855431.

  3. Thompson, Joseph M., Alan C. Whitmore, Herman F. Staats and Robert E. Johnston.  2008. The contribution of type 1 interferon signaling to mucosal IgA responses induced by alphavirus replicon vaccines. Vaccine 26:4998-5003. PMCID: PMC3595171.

  4. Thompson, Joseph M., Alan C. Whitmore, Herman F. Staats and Robert E. Johnston.  2008. Alphavirus replicon particles acting as adjuvants promote CD8+ T cell responses to co-delivered antigen. Vaccine 26:4267-75.  PMCID: PMC3608392.

  5. Thompson, Joseph M., Alan C. Whitmore, Jennifer L. Konopka, Martha L. Collier, Erin M. B. Richmond, Nancy L. Davis, Herman F. Staats and Robert E. Johnston.  2006.  Mucosal and systemic adjuvant activity of alphavirus replicon particles.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103:3722-3727. PMCID: PMC1383499.

Vaccines incorporating the Novel Adjuvant
  1. Steil, Benjamin P., Patricia Jorquera, Janny Westdijk, Wilfried A. Bakker, Robert E. Johnston, and Mario Barro.  2014.  A mucosal adjuvant for the inactivated poliovirus vaccine.  Vaccine. 32(5): 558-563. PMCID: PMC3967568.

  2. Westdijk, Janny, Patrick Koedam, Mario Barro, Benjamin P. Steil, Nicolas Collin, Thomas S. Vedvick, Wilfried A.M. Bakker, Peter van der Ley, and Gideon Kersten.  2013.  Antigen sparing with adjuvanted inactivated polio vaccine based on Sabin strains.  Vaccine. 31(9): 1298-1304. PMCID: PMC3570672.
  3. Carroll, Timothy D., S. R. Matzinger, Mario Barro, L. Fritts, M. B. McChesney, C. J. Miller and Robert E. Johnston.  2011.  Alphavirus replicon-based adjuvants enhance the immunogenicity and effectiveness of Fluzone® in rhesus macaques.  Vaccine 29:931-940. PMCID: PMC3026063.

  4. LoBue, Anna D., Joseph M. Thompson, L. Lindesmith, Robert E. Johnston and Ralph S. Baric.  2009.  Alphavirus-adjuvanted norovirus-like particle vaccines: heterologous, humoral, and mucosal immune responses protect against murine norovirus challenge.  J. Virol. 83:3212-3227. PMCID: PMC2655567.

Dengue Vaccine
  1. Zellweger, Raphael M., Robyn Miller, William E. Eddy, Laura J. White, Robert E. Johnston, and Sujan Shresta.  2013.  Role of Humoral versus Cellular Responses Induced by a Protective Dengue Vaccine Candidate.  PLoS Pathog 9(10): e1003723. PMCID: PMC3814346.

  2. White, Laura J., Carlos A. Sariol, Melissa D. Mattocks, Wahala Wahala M. P. B., Vorraphun Yingsiwaphat, Marth L. Collier, Jill Whitley, Rochelle Mikkelsen, Idia V. Rodriguez, Melween I. Martinez, Aravinda de Silva, and Robert E. Johnston.  2013.  An alphavirus vector-based tetravalent dengue vaccine induces a rapid and protective immune response in macaques that differs qualitatively from immunity induced by live virus infection.  J. of Virology 87(6): 3409-24. PMCID: PMC3592161.

  3. White, Laura J., Melissa D. Mattocks, Wahala M.P.B. Wahala, John Gibbs, Daniel R. Tonkin, Jill Whitley, Vorraphun Yingsiwaphat, Idia Rodriguez, Melween Martinez, Carlos Sariol, Aravinda de Silva, and Robert E. Johnston.  2012.  Dengue Vaccines Based on Alphavirus Expression Vectors and Adjuvant Systems.  Poster presented at Conference of The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Atlanta, GA. Abstract No. LB-303.
  4.   Poster   

  5. de Alwis, Ruklanthi, Scott A. Smith, Nicholas P. Olivarez, William B. Messer, Jeremy P. Huynh, Wahala M.P.B. Wahala, Laura J. White, Michael S. Diamon, Ralph S. Baric, James E. Crowe, Jr., and Aravinda M. de Silva.  2012.  Identification of human neutralizing antibodies that bind to complex epitopes on dengue virions.  Proc. Nat. Acad. Science USA 109(19): 7439-44. PMCID: PMC3358852.

  6. Wahala, Wahala M., Claire Huang, Siriton Butrapet, Laura J. White, and Aravinda M. de Silva.  2012.  Recombinant Dengue Type 2 Viruses with Altered E Protein Domain III Epitops Are Efficiently Neutralized by Human Immune Sera.  J. of Virol. 86(7): 4019-23. PMCID: PMC3302537.

  7. White, Laura J., Melissa M. Parsons, Alan C. Whitmore, Brandon M. Williams, Aravinda de Silva, and Robert E. Johnston.  2007.  An Immunogenic and Protective Alphavirus Replicon Particle-Based Dengue Vaccine Overcomes Maternal Antibody Interference in Weanling Mice.  J. of Virology 81(19): 10329-39. PMCID: PMC2045445.

New Live Attenuated Virus Vaccines
  1. Jurgens, CK*, Young, KR*, Madden, VJ, Johnson, PR, Johnston RE.  2012.  A Novel Self-Replicating Chimeric Lentivirus-Like Particle.  J. Virol. 86:246-261.  PMCID: PMC3255904.


Global Vaccines Business Model
  1. Johnston RE. 2005. Academic science and the business of vaccines. Arch Virol Suppl. 19:203-206. PMID: 16355874(The original publication is available at


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